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    DRCA is a 501(c)(6), non-profit, trade association comprised of private sector companies helping to fulfill the Nation's mission of preparing for, responding to, recovering from and mitigating against disasters and emergencies by working side-by-side with Federal, State and local governments.Vision: DRCA brings together leaders in the private and public sector through industry forums and activities that help advance leadership, and best practices that advance the emergency management system and improve America’s ability to respond to and recover from natural and man-made disasters
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    Membership:DRCA’s Members represent the most important asset of our association. In order to diversify our member base and provide greater subject matter expertise, we seek the inclusion of large corporations, small and medium size businesses, and minority, women and veteran owned small businesses. Member Profiles:Coming Soon.Become a DRCA Member:Join a community of the leading companies and top disaster recovery contractors to support and align private sector resources. This is an opportunity to enhance public/private sector collaboration, to improve America’s emergency management system, and to affect on-going engagement with Capitol Hill lawmakers.
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    DRCA provide opportunities for Members to interact with key decision makers and share information, commercial best practices and industry perspectives with leaders in emergency management from both the public and private sector.To advance the role of Industry, DRCA provides opportunities for discussion with senior executives and leaders at FEMA, DHS and the other executive branch agencies that share responsibility for emergency management. DRCA also informs and educates Members of Congress and their staff about emergency management challenges, technologies, and best practices.
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    Casey Long, Managing Director
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New home constructionThought Leadership:DRCA seeks to advance specific industry points of view through roundtable discussions, policy briefings, panel discussions and Congressional testimony by bringing together leaders from the public and private sector to advance leadership and best practices that improve America’s ability to respond to and recover from all disasters.DRCA utilizes the expert resources from the Member companies to identify future issues, approaches, and technologies that help advance the emergency management system across both the public and private sectors. Read More

earth quake damageIndustry Participation/DRCA Committees:


DRCA Industry Participation:

Environmental Remediation                                                                         
Consulting/Project Management
Debris Monitoring/Removal                                                                           
IT /Enterprise                                                                                                       
Logistics/Asset Management


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Members participate in various DRCA Committees which address industry-specific issues by bringing together leaders from the Federal, State and local governments and the private sector to develop relationships and identify industry-specific opportunities and core challenges. The following committees also keep the membership up-to-speed on Federal, State and local issues that impact their industries and bottom lines. Read More
Flooding damagePublic/Private Sector Partnerships:Improve the level of planning, communication and coordination with Federal, State and local governments to enable the private sector to play a larger role in helping America efficiently and effectively respond to and recover from natural or man-made disasters.Business to Business Partnership Opportunities:Provide business-to-business partnership opportunities within the disaster recovery industry. Read More